Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Communication Forum - Facebook session

Understanding the Facebook Culture and How Users Relate to Corporations Online

Dr. Mihaela Vorvoreanu, Twitter: prprof_mv


  • Based on limited focus group research of Facebook natives
  • A native is someone who was on Facebook before it was opened up to non-EDU domains
  • Facebook has multiple cultures, not just one
  • The natives will influence the rest of the Facebook users
  • Natives don't like corps on Facebook but if they make exclusive offers to them, discounts etc their views change to positive
  • Part of Facebook is self presentation, if you can do something that helps users self present you will be more successful - ex: graffiti
  • Facebook is personal, natives don't understand mixing biz and personal
  • Native love small biz on Facebook, they support them
  • Native prefer ads to intrusive messages.
  • Three ways to interact
    • Conform with norms / rules
    • Positive violation - this is better than conforming
    • Negative violation
  • Implications
    • Provide sense of exclusivity
    • Enable relationship maintenance - between others not you, give them tools to communicate w/ other - like quirky msgs
    • Enable self presentation - empower users to align with something they want to do like charity
    • Keep it personal - better to have a person's name than the corp.
    • Small business go for it
    • Respect users space, means sometimes stay out of their conversation.
    • For big corps - conform to norms

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  1. Thank you for summarizing my presentation! For people who are interested in the details, the research will be published in an upcoming issue of SNCR's academic journal, Journal for New Communications Research.
    Dr. V